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Pattern Magazine - Defining What’s #Next

When Polina and I sat down to hash out ideas for this 9th issue, we found ourselves debating the idea of a “professional.” More specifically, we wondered at what point you earn the right to define yourself by what you do. We started taking a look at some of the fresh new faces on the scene; comparing these young guns - this up and coming talent, in Indy, LA and elsewhere - to their contemporaries who have had time to perfect their craft seemed almost offensive. —

We knew we wanted to feature those who might have otherwise been overlooked. Thus, what internally we’ve been calling our Youth Culture issue, came to be.

But when all was designed, edited & about to be put to bed (shipped off to the printer), we thought that calling this the Youth Culture issue was too limiting. After all, the incredible talent we’ve profiled within these pages has been pigeonholed by their youth at one point or another. We didn't want to do the same. And, we profiled other up & comers who aren't necessarily “youth.” So in a 2AM text brainstorming session, Youth Culture became #Next.

We love the idea of #Next. It's ripe with opportunity.

Much of the reason we love this city so much, is that we can do a lot with just one chance. Hoosiers can be pretty resourceful. And even though we may not be known as the most cutting edge city, we recognize that our community is increasingly working towards the future.

Looking back at past issues, EJAAZ on the cover of our music issue is an excellent example of resiliency & moving forward. He wrapped a national tour late last year, and just finished a second one not too long ago. That is why I love working on this magazine.

This past year has seen Pattern revamp our Mass Ave. location to give makers a storefront to sell their products and get a footing in the Midwestern landscape. The makers movement has gained some serious traction here in our Circle City; the more local makers we can host, the better. And, as we have for many years, Pattern continues to host meetups that draw a wide range of people from all walks of life, industries and practices to share ideas and connect.

No one ever said that it was going to be easy — I have certainly learned that during my time with Pattern. I think Polina is reminded just how challenging it has been every time I remind her that the Fall/Winter edition is going to be Issue 10 — Issue with a capital “I!” Five years of Pattern Magazine and we’re still trying to figure this thing out.

That being said, after my winding college path took me out of the state, it brought me back. And watching as Indy and Pattern grow, I’m beyond grateful for the chance to be a part of it.

I feel a close attachment to this issue in large part because I belong to the crop of young talent that this issue was designed to highlight. But, more personally, I’m excited about this issue because Polina gave me a chance - me, an aloof journalism student whose first words upon sitting down for my internship interview were “I don’t know the first thing about fashion.” I truly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t been able to convince Polina & Maria that I knew something about WordPress that day.

That’s why I love Pattern and Indianapolis. You can accomplish a lot with just one shot.

Let’s make the most of it.

Eric ReesPattern